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Data Migration

As your business grows, the tools you thought were good at the time are not good enough anymore. So, don’t let your Data Migration task stop you from moving the business forward. We have done many data migrations for our customers, have streamlined the entire process and requires minimal effort on your side. Our team of experts can take care of data export, clean up and migrate it from current systems (CRMs, ERP, Excel, direct Database) to Tabillo. In simple scenarios, we might be able to migrate the data at no cost. Contact us for a review.


Tabillo is very intuitive and our user adoption rates are high too. Mostly users watch short videos or attend web training sessions and get going with using the app. We also offer free basic training sessions on regular basis. In scenarios, where organizations are adopting new processes or when teams are located around regional or international offices, we offer many modes of training (one-to-one or group webinars, video tutorials, on-site group sessions) depending on your needs and available budgets. We ensure all the users are familiar with the solution and have an enjoyable experience with Tabillo. 


Every business is unique, so why force your teams to work with a CRM which cannot be customized to support your business processes. With Tabillo, you can easily customize the apps right from the user interface without any programming skills. There are always new feature requests from our customers and we focus on them along with our own internal product roadmap. But if you need custom features then we can also scope out such items and deliver them under a separate services engagement.


Automate and integrate Tabillo with other 3rd party applications using our RESTFUL API. With the growing trend of cloud apps, there are many cloud connectors you can also use to sync information with Tabillo. Give us a shout and we will work with you to find the most effective path to a successful, seamless integration.

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