No more Excel files for Team Collaboration

Customer Relationship 

Management - CRM

A collaborative CRM to help accelerate Sales activities, manage prospects and customers. Work together, friction-free across local, regional or international teams. Our customers migrated from excel files, single purpose CRM apps and expensive platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Zoho CRM to strike a balance between, the ability to customize without programming skills and affordability.

Task Management

Still managing projects and tasks with excel files or with single featured apps which cannot be customized? Tabillo can be your central hub for task management & help simplify business processes. Our clients use Tabillo for many different types of projects such as product management, team collaboration, case or complaint investigations, international audit missions, event management, engineering tasks, content collaboration, research management & more. 

Business Process Management

All businesses have unique processes to effectively manage their operations. Tabillo is an Enterprise level platform that can be customized to fit your workflows. Empower your teams by automating tedious processes with triggers, using multiple visualizations, web forms etc.

Knowledge Management

No more content chaos across emails, data, files, and folders. Painlessly add structure, gather information, communicate and collaborate with internal, external teams all in one place. Retain and build on top of your teams’ collective knowledge and easily retrieve information across thousands of records, files with our powerful full-text search engine.

Productivity Apps

Stop wasting time switching between many single feature apps and use our set of Productivity Apps for the entire organization. Add our apps multiple times within the same account for different teams or departments. No need to spend money individually with different vendors. Work smarter, get a unified collaboration experience across apps like Task management, Meetings manager, Editorial Calendar, Budget Tracking, Files & more.

No need to struggle with excel files anymore. Upload them as CSV, select your custom fields & start collaborating. Excel was meant for data, not text based collaboration. We cannot upload multiple files in an excel row & stream of comments in a row by many team members is just clunky. Keep all the record level context together & create your own business processes with our intuitive app builder. 

Build Your Own

Collect data & trigger business workflows. Turn any table within an app into an instant web form. Capture data directly from outside world or from within the organization to automate business functions. Create structured forms, embed or directly post the form URL on a website or intranet. No more collecting data, exporting to excel and then formatting it for internal applications.

Web Forms

Collaborate on records with external & internal teams securely. We understand the needs of an Enterprise & made sharing easy for the end user. With a single click, a user can lock down records to selected collaborators or groups. Have a complete piece of mind & control access at all levels from Apps, Tables, Views, and Records.

Record Level Security

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